ICOM 2018 Slider

Save the date November 15-18 for the 2018 International Conference on Missions presenting “Unhindered” at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati. 

The International Conference On Missions (ICOM) exists to encourage, equip, and enlist workers for the harvest.  Their extensive international conference serves as a connection point for global missions but they are more than a five day event.  ICOM is 365 – telling God’s stories, providing resources and uniting the world with missions!  You can learn more at theicom.org.

If you are a part of White Oak then your registration for ICOM is already paid for!  Follow these directions to reserve your space:

  1. Go to http://theicom.org/register
  2. Click on the Individual Registration Button
  3. Select the 4th option – Code- and put in the code “cincy2018”
  4. Click Next
  5. Fill in your contact information
    1. Be sure to include your spouse info if your spouse is coming.  You do not need to fill out a separate form for them.
    2. Click the box under Spouse, if you are bringing any children.  Please include their ages.
  6. Click Next
  7. On the next page, there are Pre-Con & Ticketed Event options you can choose from.  None of these are mandatory.  Put in the quantity you want to purchase of that item.
    1. If you don’t want to purchase any – simply click Next
  8. On the next page, review your information.  If anything needs to be edited, you can choose “Previous” – If everything is correct, click “Register”
    1. If you selected any Pre-Cons or ticketed events, enter your payment information.
  9. You will see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation via email.

Leaders: David and Sharman Willmore
Date: November 15-18
Cost: Free (registration required)