Next Steps

What’s your next step?

At White Oak Christian Church we don’t believe that becoming a follower of Jesus is a one-time event, but it’s something that we live every day as we Form Friendships with those around us and in our community,  Feel Hope as we share how our lives have been changed, Find God as we grow closer to Him together, and Follow His Path as we actively work together to see God’s life-changing power in our communities.  Next Steps are environments, practices, and tools that help you learn and grow in discipleship.  You will hear the term “next steps” a lot at White Oak. Why? Because wherever we are in our spiritual journey, we all need to take the next step in our faith. So, whether you are new to White Oak or have attended for 50 years, we encourage you to take advantage of these next steps:

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Attend Starting Point
Attend FaithShift
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