Sharing the Good News Seminar

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February 10, 9am-12pm at the Colerain Twp Campus
Eventbrite - Sharing the Good News Seminar

Wherever we go we are constantly hearing and sharing good news: new babies, people getting engaged or married, young people graduating or getting jobs, promotions, retirements and so on.

For Christians, however, the BEST & GOOD NEWS is the gospel of Jesus: that He died for us as a full payment for our sins and if we believe on Him as our savior we receive the gift of eternal life.  So why is it that we as Christians find it so difficult to share such great news with people we care about?

Dan Busken, president of Busken Bakery and John Hartz, owner of Hartz Sealcoating are two real-world working Christians that will answer that question and any other you might have at this Sharing the Good News Seminar.

This seminar will feature:

  • Honest, real, down-to-earth discussion about the burdens associated with the “Eword” (Evangelism).
  • Practical things to do and ways to think about sharing the gospel more effectively.
  • Real-life, practical stories, examples and answers to tough faith-sharing questions.
  • Four great fears many of us have when it comes to sharing the gospel and what God has to say about them.
  • The most common missed opportunities to share the gospel and identification of practical ways to take advantage of them.