After Party (The Church Dispersed)
December 29, 2019

Our At-Home Experience for December 30.  This means that services are not held at our physical locations at Colerain and Ross and instead you’ll be able to experience them online so start making plans with friends, family, and neighbors to join you in your home on December 29.

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YouTube Link 
December 29 Program (PDF)
Communion Bread Recipe (PDF)
Activities for Children (PDF)

What is The Church Dispersed all about?
Just like the New Testament believers met in homes for their weekly worship, White Oak is taking Sunday, December 29 to worship in the intimate setting of our homes.

How can my family participate?
Pick up your Church Dispersed materials at either campus starting December 8. Materials will include instructions for accessing the video teaching, supplies to take communion, and activity ideas you can incorporate into your celebration.

Can we invite people to join us?
Absolutely! You can join other White Oak families or ask non-White Oak folks to come. Or do both! It’s fine to include a meal, too!

What if I have more questions?
Contact or stop by The Church Dispersed table at your Campus location.

The service video will be available here starting December 29.  Click here if you need to request a DVD of the service (available for pickup during services on Sunday, December 22).

Materials (communion info, activities, the program, etc.) will be posted here starting December 8, 2019.