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at White Oak

Service Times & Locations

Colerain & Ross Campus

2:00, 3:30 & 5:00pm


Live at 3:30

(available on demand afterwards)

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Life's not easy, especially lately.

We're being faced with decisions we never thought we'd have to face. Maybe we've lost someone we cared about recently. Our marriages are struggling. Companies are stretched thin and demanding more than we signed up for. Our kids are overexposed and overwhelmed. Our schedules are packed full and we are busier than we've ever been.

We're tired...


We believe there is hope.

We believe it's found in the story and life of Jesus. 

We hope you'll join us this December as we look at how Jesus exchanged heaven for life on earth in order to bring us FULL LIFE.

Our hope in this series is that each of us will accept God's invitation to exchange our worry, hurt, grief, and despair for his comfort, peace, hope, joy and assurance.  

The Great Exchange
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Use the images below to invite others to join you this December at White Oak. Click an image to enlarge, share or download. Let others in on the post by tagging @WhiteOakCC and #ChristmasWithWhiteOak
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Counseling Resources

White Oak Christian Church recommends speaking to your physician if you are experiencing mental health issues.

Counseling Resouces
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