White Oak Updates

Check here weekly updates from Lead Pastor Nathan Hinkle on how White Oak is responding to the crisis facing our communities, and how we can continue being the church.

There’s no doubt the world is much different now than just a few months ago. In this unprecedented time, we are all seeking and adjusting to new rhythms and normal in our lives. Here at White Oak, the ministry staff has been praying for you and is preparing for these challenges ahead.

Here are some ways you can still engage with White Oak and the community:

  • Stream & Connect: We will continue to broadcast a live online worship service on Sunday morning at 9am & 11am. In the coming days, we invite you to keep up with both our Colerain and Ross Facebook and YouTube pages for fun and meaningful ways to interact, worship, and grow together and to prepare for our online service each week.
  • Parents of students: We will be creating online spaces on various social media platforms for students to meet around their regular meeting times (Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday evening).  Look for more info and resources on our Student Ministry Facebook page and our website.
  • Adults: We encourage you to stay in touch with your Life Group and neighbors during this time through texts, phone calls, and even online video meetings through Facebook messaging, Facetime, Google Duo, etc. We will be checking in on our group leaders to see how we can help with this.

Here are a couple of other things we want you to be aware of:

  • Giving: White Oak’s mission hasn’t changed as we continue to grow communities where people are becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.  If you are already giving online, thank you!  If you are mailing in your checks or dropping checks or cash off at the office during the week, thank you!  Your generosity is continuing to make waves in our community.  If you need help with any of these or have questions, please contact Brian at bdoerman@thewocc.com.
  • Other Gatherings: All other gatherings have been cancelled at our Colerain Campus Building and Ross Campus Office indefinitely.

As more changes are likely to come our way in the coming weeks, we know that God’s Kingdom cannot be shaken. Now more than ever, we will continue to be good citizens and neighbors, we will continue to seek God in all things, and we will continue to reach out, serve and give generously. We are made for more.

Be safe and well, White Oak. We are with you, and together we will continue to make waves for His Kingdom.