Join a Life Group

A Life Group is one of the best ways to grow as a follower of Christ and our hope is that every person connected to White Oak is in one!  So what is a Life Group? It’s a small group of people coming together regularly, usually weekly, to focus on:

  • FRIENDSHIP:  Life Groups are places where people become friends who encourage and support one another as we each pursue the life God wants for us. Sharing and praying together are an important part of group life.
  • GROWTH: God’s Word is our source of information and inspiration as we pursue real change.  Learning how to live out what the Bible teaches is at the heart of our time together.
  • IMPACT:  God’s people are called to make a difference in the world! Every Life Group looks for ways to make an impact – in our families, our church, our community – wherever God calls us!

Complete the information below and we’ll be in contact to help you get connected in a group.