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We believe that taking the Gift Passion Story Assessment (GPS) is a great next step as you discover the masterpiece that God created you to be.  Uncovering, recognizing, and cultivating your gifts, passions and story is an ongoing process.  It’s like climbing your own Everest, you spiral around the mountain making your way to the top and you continually uncover new things and gain new perspective and it takes time.

An assessment like this could reveal, confirm or even question some of what you know about yourself.  We want to walk alongside of you to help you take your next step.

Carve out Time

Time to take the Assessment – Plan on 20-30 minutes so you can reflect on some of the questions at the end.  Your results are saved if you need to come back to it. 

Come Back to It

Go to to access your assessment (when using a phone, you’ll need to scroll over to the right to find the continue button for your assessment to pick up where you left off.)

Reflection Questions

At the end of the assessment you’ll have a few reflection questions, one of theses asks about your spiritual influencing style.  These are identified in the assessment and are listed under Passions.  They will be these (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd or Teacher).  Click Below to see some more descriptors for these styles.

No Purchase Necessary

The assessment is free (they will recommend that you purchase a book, but that is optional).

Discovered your Gifts?

Identified your Passions?

Reflected on your Story?

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