October 14, 2020

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous obedience to the cause and mission of Jesus. We have been in a season unlike any we’ve seen before. And yet God has been showing up in beautiful ways reminding us of his faithfulness and desire to draw people to himself.

The ministry this fall happening through WOCC has been strong and impactful. Because of your generosity and commitment, we have been building off what God has given to us. We have been meeting at our facilities for in-person gatherings for three months. Each week we have seen more people returning for worship and more guests stepping through our doors for the first time. We continue to engage with hundreds through White Oak Online. We have seen several people surrender their lives to Jesus through baptism. By the close of October, we will have deployed dozens out into our communities to serve those in need. With the re-gathering of our children and student ministries, we have seen many families re-engaging at WOCC and 100+ kids reconnecting in faith conversations at White Oak. I am in awe of God’s provision through your generosity.

We continue to see fast-paced movement on the building of our Ross Twp. Campus facility! I am confident, due to your generosity and God’s vision for his Kingdom, we will be celebrating many more life-change stories in the months to come. In fact, in our upcoming sermon series in November, we will look at some key elements to the vision and the full life God desperately wants for each of us. I can’t wait to share that with you!

Thank you for taking steps into deeper places in trust, obedience, and generosity. In John 10 Jesus tells us that he is the Good Shepherd and his sheep recognize his voice. There are many other voices vying for our hearts and trust. Thank you for seeking, hearing, and following our Heavenly Father’s voice.

On the path with you,

Nathan Hinkle, Lead Pastor