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April 22, 2022

This weekend we begin a new sermon series called That’s a Great Question. In this series we will look at six questions Jesus asked. There is power in asking the right questions. Questions reveal our priorities; they reveal what we believe. The questions we ask also show our misperceptions, assumptions, and the content of our hearts.

Questions help us learn. Questions help us grow. Questions point us in the right direction. They help push us to discover the truth and redirect our lives toward the heart of God.

I think of a common scenario that most of us have experienced. Many of us have been at the dinner table when a child asks something to the affect: Do I have to eat the peas?

There’s a lot to that question. What are some of the potential misperceptions loaded into that question? Perhaps it’s that the peas aren’t good for you. Maybe the question reveals a distrust of the child in the parent who is serving the peas. Maybe the question even hints that the child isn’t sure the caregiver really cares about their wants and needs. The question also uncovers some assumptions. The child doesn’t like peas. He doesn’t really care about the answer he receives, he’s determined to not eat them. If he does eat the peas, he’ll do so out of obligation, not trust.

This is how it can go between us and God. When we ask God questions these questions are often loaded with misperceptions and assumptions about who he is, what his desires are for us, and how we should respond to him.

Let’s consider when Jesus asks questions of us. What does it reveal about who he is? What does it reveal about who we are? What do his questions uncover about our own hearts, motivations, and assumptions? Whenever Jesus asks a question in the Gospels, he’s intentionally pursuing the person’s heart. He’s wanting to uncover a belief they hold which, in some way, is holding them back from experiencing the full life which God has in store for them.

In our new series, these are the questions we’ll look at which were asked by Jesus:

  • Who do you say I am?

  • Do you want to get well?

  • Why are you so afraid?

  • What good is it?

  • Why did you doubt?

  • Do you love me?

Throughout this series, I encourage you to consider the questions Jesus asked because these questions must have significant value for life and our relationship with God. Jesus never wastes a question. Jesus is consistently probing for faith to be strengthened and for faith to produce fruit of trust and obedience. If these questions are important to Jesus, they should be important to us as well.

This is my challenge to my White Oak family in this season: We should consider what questions Jesus is asking us. How are you answering those questions? What do you learn about yourself from the answers you’re providing to him?

If questions probe at our assumptions and begin to reveal our hearts, answers uncover who our sovereign truly is. Lean into the questions Jesus asks. One, they point to something in your life of which you need to repent. Two, they point to a truth about God that you need to know. Three, they invite a redirection of your heart to a deeper place of trust and obedience to God.

With you on the journey,


Nathan Hinkle

Lead Pastor, White Oak Christian Church


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