Full of It
November 2020

There are three main questions which all of us ask in life: Who am I, Why am I here, and How am I to live?  Of course, we have as many answers to those questions available to us as we do the means to find those answers. At any point we find ourselves full of lots of things which promise to tell us who we truly are, what our purpose is, and what we should be doing. Sex, good looks, money, popularity, success, talents, accumulated stuff, acceptance, and even religion. All of these promise a version of life that will fulfill us. But there is only one version of life which promises to fill every part of our being. This is the only promise which is guaranteed to every single one of us, every day, without fail.    

The promise of Full Life comes to each of us from our Heavenly Father. Jesus tell us that there is a thief who comes into our lives bent on stealing, killing, and destroying. Instead, Jesus tells us that he comes to give us real lasting life; full life.    

There are many voices claiming to lead us to experience full life. In this series, we want to learn what our Father’s voice sounds like so that we can be full of it. We want to determine what he says about who we are, why we are here, and how we are to live this life. When we learn to listen, trust, and follow God’s voice we will be on the path to abundantly full life.