Hope Starts Here
December 2020

In the series Hope starts here we will look at how the birth of Jesus ushered in hope for the world.  The Old Testament is filled with prophecies about the coming messiah.  How God was at work to bring salvation to all people.  

 HOPE STARTS HERE. We don’t have to wait for it.   

The Christmas story is the epicenter of hope; God sending his son (Jesus being born) is the origin of hope, and the reason for the hope we have today.   

There were 400 years of silence leading up to Jesus’ birth – years of tension, uncertainty, uneasiness, and doubt, wondering “Where is God in the midst of this? Has He abandoned us?” Everyone was looking for hope and waiting for change.   

“I bring you good news that will cause great joy” (Luke 2:10)   

What was it like to be a shepherd back then? 
What would cause a Magi/shepherd to travel days and days to see this thing? 

It starts here, and it starts now.