The Jesus You Never Knew

What happens when someone decides to put preconceptions aside and take a long look at Jesus described in the Gospels?  How does Jesus of the New Testament compare to our embedded presumptions?  “The Jesus in the gospels viewed with eyes of question is very different from the Jesus learned about in Sunday school.  In some ways he is more comforting; in some ways more terrifying. “  

Relating gospel events to the world we live in today; this series will give a moving and refreshing portrait of the central figure of history.  It requires us to have a willingness to tackle difficult questions.  As we look again at the radical words of this itinerant Jewish carpenter we must ask ourselves if we are taking him seriously enough in this day and age.  

From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Jesus is a complex character who generates questions as well as answers.  Jesus wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith.  

This series will uncover a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying. This series will help you discover a different Jesus from the flannelgraph Sunday school figure, the sweetly smiling Victorian Savior and all the cultural cliches that have tamed Jesus and kept him in a comfortable religious box.  

No one who really meets Jesus ever stays the same.  In the end, Jesus rocks your own preconceptions and make it important to answer hard questions about why those of us who bear his name don’t do a better job of following him.