Burma Christian Evangelism-Myanmar Sponsorship

Ministry work in Burma/Myanmar  & Student Sponsorship Program

The ministry of Burma Christian Evangelism (BCE) has been supported by White Oak Christian Church since 1989 when members James and Khono Khamlum returned to their native land after graduating from Cincinnati Christian University. They have trained hundreds of Christian leaders in Myanmar who, in turn, have planted numerous churches. They also started a church among Nepalese refugees. James passed away but Khono continues ministering in so many ways!  Most significantly, she helps produce a radio program to reach the Rawang people in Northern Myanmar and it is broadcast daily in two Rawang languages.  It is the only Christian broadcast among the Rawang people in the world!

Other work in Myanmar has been blessed by White Oak. Christian Mission for Myanmar (CMM) supports youth camps for the remote Naga tribes in Northwest Myanmar. They also have an orphanage and the founder, Daniel Mawyio, is a professor and vice-president in a small Bible College.

Also, Myanmar Bible Institute (MBI) and it’s current President have been blessed by contributions from our church.   You can can involved here in the United States by sponsoring a student from MBI.

Sponsor a student at MBI – You can change the future for a rising  missionary/church  planter in Myanmar for $40 per month

Sponsorship is available for you to contribute to the future of a rising missionary/church planter in Myanmar for $40 per month.  A college education creates hope and opportunity for now and future generations as it equips each graduate to help populate heaven through a lifetime of diligent work.  For $40 per month, you will provide tuition, food, and housing for a student and offset the cost of wiring the funds into Myanmar. The Myanmar Bible Institute is a four-year college. It has classes for 8 months and in the four months between class times, the students do practical ministry working in the field of service. The funds will be managed through the administration of the school year-round.

The Myanmar Bible Institute (MBI) offers bachelors and master’s degrees in Biblical Studies and Ministry.  It is strategically strengthening Christian   witness among the majority tribe of Buddhist friends and neighbors. Its graduates have also pioneered new ministry through several other tribal groups. Since its inception in 1984, MBI graduates have planted more than 70 churches in Myanmar and 6 churches in other countries,  including 2 in the United States.

Once you begin your contribution, you will receive a bio and contact information for the student you are sponsoring.  Even though we are crossing cultural, language and communication lines, we hope that in the future there can be an email connection for a monthly email exchange with each student. We haven’t yet solved that problem, but we are working on it.  Technical challenges in Myanmar and communicating translations into English are the primary challenges.

Below are the directions on how to get started!
1. Go to http://www.echochurch.org/give  (The forwarding agent)
2. Select Myanmar Bible Institute Student Scholarships and enter the monthly amount.
3. You can schedule payment on the next page. You can set it to automatically pull $40 each month from your account and choose your end date.  (We hope you will commit to all four years for a completed college education.)

For more information regarding the sponsorship program or a mission trip to Myanmar, please contact Scott Hudson – hudson4689@gmail.com.