Christhia Seva Mission

In 1980 White Oak Christian Church sent Mathew & Mary Mathai back to their homeland to become missionaries. The challenge was huge! But God blessed their work and because of their faithfulness, more than 4000 people have been won to Christ through this ground-breaking ministry.

The mission began humbly with just Mathew and Mary and a faithful Christian woman in Chickballapur called Mrs. Solomon. They began visiting with people, making friends, helping with basic medical needs and showing the love of Christ. Today Christhia Seva Mission employs 26 preachers, a nurse, a driver, an administrator and a director of women’s ministry. Each week these faithful servants minister in over 300 villages in and around Chickballapur, India.

Over the years we have built 7 church buildings. Others churches meet in rented facilities. Each evening pastors travel by motorcycle to conduct worship services in rural villages because the people cannot travel to church buildings.

In addition to church planting, Christhia Seva Mission continues to help meet medical needs, assists children with school books and supplies, helps provide homes for the poor, and feeds the Least of These (Christian brothers and sisters who have no means of support). A sewing ministry helps young women learn a skill with which to support herself and her family. Sponsors also assist deserving children with tuition for higher education.