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2023 Annual Report

A Message from Nathan:

As I look back on 2023 and the transformations being made, I am astonished.  
In response to God's call, we embarked on a journey to activate ourselves in our communities, schools, homes, and workplaces and to consider what it looked like to ONE ANOTHER. The steps we took, marked by bold trust and surrender, have not only transformed us individually but have also left a lasting mark on the lives of those we encountered. The heartbeat of our collective mission was to point others to Jesus, and I am amazed at how each of you embraced this challenge with love and generosity. 
I continue to stand in awe of what God is doing in and through each of us as it relates to our SHAKEN journey and your desire to courageously follow Jesus and to trust in his promises is allowing WOCC to accomplish her mission.    
This past year, 75 people surrendered their life to Jesus through baptism which are 75 lives forever changed to begin experiencing full life.

I want to express my appreciation for your faithfulness over the last year. Thank you for investing in the Kingdom of God. Your collective efforts have created a community that radiates God's love, and I am deeply grateful to serve alongside each one of you. We have much to accomplish in 2024 as we share the Good News and connect others to full life in Jesus.  
Your brother in Christ,  
Nathan Hinkle  
Lead Pastor, White Oak Christian Church  



Worship & Community

Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision

1935 Celebrating Easter Services

171  First-Time Guests

Shaken Refresh Vision

198 Weekly Online Views

Ross Lobby.jpg

714  In-Person Weekly Attendance

Shaken Refresh Vision

75  Baptisms

Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision

138 Volunteers in Kids Ministry

210 Kids Weekly

Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision

146 Students at Sunday Nights

42 at Middle School Supernova



520 Had A Small Group Experience

Shaken Refresh Vision

Local/Global Outreach

Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision
Shaken Refresh Vision
SHAKEN Mountain IMagesArtboard 11.jpg
Shaken Refresh Vision

We want to trust forward, asking and anticipating God to shake up our lives and move boldly through us. We want the people and places around us to not only be moved but also shaken by the power of God in their lives.

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New Giver to White Oak
258 People

Total Shaken Commitments

Total Shaken Giving (12/31/23)

Total Givers
1,340 People

2023 Shaken Giving

Remaining Loan Balance (12/31/23)

Financial Statements

2023 Annual Report.jpg
2023 Annual Report.jpg
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