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In this cherished moment on our calendar, we find ourselves where the anticipated and the unforeseen harmonize. "Something Unexpected," is a journey woven with the essence of Advent—expecting the advent of hope, peace, joy, love, and the very embodiment of these ideals, the birth of Jesus.

Come alongside us as we embark on this expedition, unraveling the intricate tapestry of the Advent season. Explore the significance of this time. See how the birth of Jesus, though expected, reconstructs not only history but also reshapes our lives, ushering in a peace that surpasses understanding. Engage in the joy that arises from unforeseen acts of service, as this season beckons us to reach out to our community in ways beyond imagination. Witness how this season solidifies our bonds, fortifying the very foundations of our church in the unexpected embrace of love. Culminate this journey by reflecting on the unanticipated arrival of a Messiah and the dawn of a Kingdom that forever alters the course of history.

Let the celebration of Christ's birth transcend the familiar narrative, becoming a living, breathing reality unfolding in ways we could never have foreseen.

Welcome to a Christmas series where the expected meets the unexpected, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Join us as we discover the beauty of Something Unexpected this Christmas.

An Unexpected Season of Hope

How this Season Unexpectedly Reconstructs Each of Us, in Peace

How This Season Unexpectedly Serves Our Community, with Joy

How This Season Unexpectedly Solidifies our Church in Love

How This Season Ushers in an Unexpected Messiah and the Beginnings of a New Kingdom.

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