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In part 2 of The Gospel: Good News for Everyone, we will look at Jesus' life as he looks toward the cross. In part 1 of this series we looked at how Jesus is King. The Good News story shows us that King Jesus has come. And he’s king over the physical world (he calms storms); He’s king over our physical bodies (he heals); He extends his sovereignty and forgiveness even over our sin (which only God can do); and when he raises the little girl back from the dead, we see that he’s king over life and death.

Now we will look at Jesus as Savior as he turns toward Jerusalem. Jesus make a decisive turn. He makes a shift from proving who he is (the Son of God) to showing what he came to do. He came to save us. He is the promised Messiah—Savior. And he will embrace the cross that is coming for him in his future. The cross where he will bleed and die for everyone who has ever lived.

We hope you'll join us in this series and this Easter.

The Messiah

The Trap

The Ransom

The Fruit

The Feast

The Beginning

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