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The Christian life is best described as a journey. In fact, more than 700 times in Scripture faith is described as a walk… a journey… a road… a way… a path. Journeys always involve movement, action, stops and starts, detours, delays, and trips toward the unknown. It is at times along this journey that every person finds themselves in the wilderness. The wilderness is a sort of grey zone where we feel stuck in between what is and what is coming. The wilderness is often filled with challenges, crisis, loneliness, confusion, or pain. Followers of Jesus don’t need to fear the wilderness. It’s in these places where God woos us. The wilderness isn’t necessarily a bad place that we should seek to exit as soon as possible. God doesn’t intend for us to stay in the wilderness forever. Instead, we can confront these seasons with boldness, confidence, and hope that God wants to increase our dependence upon him and do important formative work in us. It’s in the wilderness where God seeds our lives with the possibility of rebirth and the painting of a new story for us is underway.





Ruth & Naomi




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