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Students at Oxford Women's Care Center

During our student-shaken commitment night not only did we have students make financial commitments but they also had the option to make commitments to serve. We've seen several of those students get plugged into serving in Kid's ministry, the parking team, and greeters. But this past Wednesday we took a group of 23 students and leaders that wanted to help serve and bless Oxford Women's Care Center.

It was great to see a wide range of students there from 6th-grade guys to senior girls. These students chose to take some time during their spring break, where they could be sleeping in, playing video games, or doing other things, and they put in hard work to give back their time to serve.

We had a great morning pulling weeds, cleaning up the yard, cleaning toys, separating and organizing baby clothes by gender and size, stocking shelves, and putting diaper bags together. The students expressed they had fun serving and that they are looking for more opportunities to use those serve muscles.


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