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It's on my calendar, how about yours?

This has been a fun season. I hope you are experiencing that as well as you hear the way our Heavenly Father is working in and through your life and those you influence.

Make sure you continue to listen and lead your people as the Lord leads you.

Looking forward to going first with you and celebrating this historic night together with you.

Blazing the trail with you,

Nathan Hinkle




Hello Trailblazers! Since our last Trailblazer Tuesday, we have officially launched into our public phase of our Shaken Initiative. This is a historic and very exciting time in the life of our church!

During these past few months my desire has been to encourage and equip you as Trailblazers at White Oak for this season of Shaken.

I want to thank you for your leadership and influence. We now have launched 100% of our church family into Shaken. My prayer is that we have 100% of our church engages with our weekend sermons, involved in a life group, and that each of us is asking the Holy Spirit to do something in us… anticipating him to do something through us.

I had mixed feelings coming out of our first Sunday of the Shaken sermon series. It was almost like it was the Super Bowl of Sundays for us. I think many of our leaders felt the excitement and anticipation in our worship spaces, our lobbies, in our kid’s and student ministries.

As we worshiped, watched the vision video, and heard our Campus Pastors deliver the first message of Shaken on the topic of Trust… I realized something that, as a leader at White Oak and a Trailblazer myself, I had been immersed in Shaken for almost a year. Many of you have been in-tune to what we’re asking God to do in and through us since this past spring. And though we had record attendance at Vision Night, for many in our White Oak family, this fall will be the first time hearing about Shaken.

What I realized is that I am excited! I’ve been excited, sold out, bought in for a long time! I know the details and the answers to questions. I know about our primary goal of 100% engagement and or secondary goal of $6.2 million. I know what our 3 Bold Moves will be. But, Shaken is a very new concept for much of our church.

What’s my point? As Trailblazers in the official sense, that title will begin to fade as we have invited hundreds more of our friends and church family to go on this journey with us.

However, unofficially, you are very much still a leader and influencer at White Oak. I need you with me now more than ever. We still must lead. We still must leverage our influence. We still must be in the conversations and offer our lives authentically to others as we walk this path together. You may not hear me use the word Trailblazer any longer… but the role that our Heavenly Father has called you into is very much still about blazing trails.

White Oak… for these next few weeks of Shaken, press in with me to encourage and equip others. Share your struggles and your steps of trust with those in your life group. Lead out in your generosity as you model it in your life, with your time, and with your resources. Lead others to ask good questions and to seek the truth. And lastly, lead out in your prayer life.

I’m asking God to shake me and Denise. I’m asking him to shake each of us individually by the power of his Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God moves in the lives of believers. We must ask God to do big and powerful things in and through us (not just through White Oak collectively). God wants to shake up your life, faith, and your priority of generosity. So I’m asking you to not only pray for White Oak to be shaken and moved… but that you are shaken and moved, first! Then, we’ll anticipate a movement of our Heavenly Father through his Church and out into our communities.

Be sure you are registered for Advance Commitment Night at the Museum Center on Friday, November 11. This is where I’m leaning on your leadership and influence to lead out first in our Shaken commitment and to encourage your friends, those you serve with, and those in your life groups to do the same. This is going to be a historic and important night of worship, fun, surrender, and trust. I don’t want you to miss it! Let’s lead out! Register TODAY at shakenchurch.com.

I’m honored to lead with you. Thank you for going first with me and Denise along with our elders and staff. In many ways, we’ve only just begun to lead in this season.



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