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Mark's Gospel is a remarkable collection of eyewitness accounts, and it emphasizes action—Jesus is continually "doing" rather than merely teaching. Join us as we delve into the Kingdom of God, Jesus' paradoxical nature as a humble King, and the profound call to discipleship. We will explore how Jesus challenges conventional wisdom and human expectations, presenting a different way of life under the rule of God's Kingdom.

Throughout this series, we will emphasize application over information, focusing on knowing God rather than accumulating knowledge. Our aim is to inspire you to live like Jesus, cultivating a life of love, compassion, and humility.

Join us as we prioritize relationships over debates, seeking to relate to others in the spirit of Christ's love. We will also prioritize clarity over curiosity, emphasizing the clarity of the Bible's teachings where it is clear.

Let's journey together through Mark's Gospel, where the message of Jesus is front and center, and the call to repentance and belief in the Good News resounds. We are not seeking to get smarter; we are seeking to know God better and live as He calls us to. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the life and teachings of Jesus, our King!

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Heals

Jesus Feeds 5000

The Transfiguration

Jesus' Triumphant Entry

Surely this is the Son of God

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