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Our lives are saturated with other people’s opinions, cultural expectations, and lessons we’re eager to glean from our own thoughts or experiences. These things tend to color our view on subjects which range from faith matters like the life of Jesus or the Bible’s credibility to ethical issues like the value of human life or the sanctity of marriage to progressive ideas about sexuality and identity. Each of us has a vantage point which frames how we see the world and other people. Our vantage point is a very limited perspective. There is a God is heaven who calls us his sons and daughters. He, too, has a vantage point. God’s perspective is higher, fuller, complete, and eternal. If we are going to discover and live life to the full as Jesus promises, we must learn to submit our perspective to God’s vantage point. God’s sovereignty maintains that he is supreme, he has the controlling voice, and he is not influenced by outside opinion.

God is Sovereign

God possesses supreme authority

God has controlling influence

God is not swayed by external forces

Our Peace

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