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Bold Impact - Eastern Kentucky Mission Trip

At the end of July, I had the privilege of leading a team of fourteen, nine adults and five kids under 14, people down to Pikeville, KY on a mission trip to serve that area. We partnered with Lifeline Christian Mission and New Beginnings Fellowship Church in Pikeville. While I was hesitant to do this originally, I trusted what God could do in me and through me, and I’m so glad I took this leap of faith.

What I was able to experience was some of the amazing impact that God can have both in our lives and the lives of others when we trust His plans for our lives. Our team worked together to help with renovations on a building in the small town of Jenkins, KY that was originally a one-hundred-year-old plus church that had been turned into a bar, and even had been a home tied to meth. God had moved in the lives of a pastoral family who bought the building to turn it into a home for them and their three teenage children. With the future intent of making this a place where they can also serve others. And this was no easy task to renovate.

Our team worked on framing, drywall, floor repairs, wall repairs, installing an indoor toilet (yeah, they were using an outhouse), and helping to build a chicken coop. The work was hard, the weather was hot, and we were all a little tired and sore. However, there was never a spirit of frustration or complaint. The Holy Spirit continued to encourage us along the way, and we laughed far more than we felt overwhelmed. At the end of the three days we prayed over the family Haiti style (this is where everyone prays out loud all at once). I know they were encouraged, but the real encouragement was on our team.

I know that God had a plan for each person who was on the trip. We all were able to make new friends, and that is what I think God wanted the most for us. Particularly two guys, John and Andrew, who became quick friends on this trip. And God knew this would happen, and He knew they would become great friends in a time when both of them needed the other. That’s how God works. He knows what we need before we ever ask for it.

We were Shaken in our trust, and we let our hope in Jesus guide us to this amazing opportunity. And not only did we impact the lives of people in Jenkins, KY but God had huge impact on the lives of the people from White Oak who were on this trip.

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