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Marketplace Mission Trip

August 6 - 20

Have you always yearned to embark on a life-changing mission trip, yet the barriers of time and financial constraints stood in your way? We have fantastic news for you! White Oak Christian Church is partnering with the Follower of One organization ( to give you access to a mission trip experience in your hometown. Join us August 6th for the WOCC Marketplace Mission Trip!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will equip you with the spiritual habits needed to make a difference in the spaces you work and live every single day? We are excited to invite you to our Marketplace Mission Trip, where you'll not only serve others but also build essential habits that will transform your life and empower you to be intentional in your everyday encounters.

Here's why this mission trip is an incredible opportunity for you:

  • Pray: During this mission trip, you'll experience the power of prayer firsthand as you cultivate a deeper connection with God. By dedicating time to pray for blessings upon others, expressing gratitude, and surrendering your day to God's guidance, you'll develop a habit of relying on Him in all aspects of your life.

  • Appreciate others: Our mission trip encourages participants to go beyond their job descriptions and truly appreciate their bosses and employers. By understanding the selfless sacrifice of Christ, you'll gain a new perspective on serving others, taking responsibility for doing a good job, and seeking understanding through active listening. This habit will help you create a positive and uplifting atmosphere wherever you go, making a lasting impact on the people around you.

  • Know what you believe: Throughout this mission trip, you'll delve into your beliefs and learn to articulate them using everyday language. This habit will equip you to confidently share your faith and engage in meaningful conversations about your relationship with Christ, both in your workplace and personal life.

  • Serve others: Drawing closer to God opens our hearts to the needs of those around us. This mission trip will provide opportunities for hands-on service, enabling you to tangibly impact lives and bring God's love to those in need. Serving others will become a natural outpouring of your relationship with God, transforming your daily interactions and leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and kindness.

  • Speak for yourself: The transformation that occurs within you during this mission trip will be evident to others. As you engage in prayer, serve with love, and appreciate those around you, people will take notice. Your actions will become a powerful witness for Jesus, prompting others to inquire about the source of your joy and purpose. This habit of speaking for yourself will enable you to share the incredible ways God has worked in your life, leading others to discover the transformative power of faith.

It's time to turn your dream of a mission trip into a reality. Join us on the WOCC Marketplace Mission Trip! As you embark on this life-changing adventure, you'll not only make a difference in the lives of others but also develop spiritual habits that will empower you to live intentionally and bring God's love to every space you encounter. Register now to secure your spot and be part of a journey that will shape your faith and transform your world.

EVENT OUTLINE: Here’s what you are committing to...

  • JULY 25TH – Informational Zoom Call Meeting (for those who would like more info before they commit) - 8:00 PM

  • AUGUST 6th- Celebratory KICK-OFF IN PERSON Gathering at the Ross Campus – 6:30pm start time

  • AUGUST 7-11TH – Week 1: Preparation Week Log into the WOCC Mission Trip Page Monday through Friday and PUNCH IN with God! Each day you will find a 5 minute devotional to help build a spiritual habit you can take into your day whether its in the workplace or at home! Be sure to interact in the comment section so we can encourage our online community in their efforts to pursue God and learn how to integrate your faith into your work! Jane and Bill will be cheering you on along with members of the Follower of One team!

  • AUGUST 13TH – Marketplace Mission Trip Zoom Call Check-in – 8pm start time This online gathering will be a crucial check point for all of us participating in the mission trip as we prepare for ACTION WEEK. This (30-45 minute/depends on number) will be a time of celebration and sharing what God has been revealing to you during preparation week as well as a time of prayer as we prepare to take action. It will also be a time of reminding our team to register for the nightly check in zoom calls and reset for week 2.

  • AUGUST 14-18TH – WEEK 2: Action Week Log into the WOCC Mission Trip Page Monday through Friday and PUNCH IN with God! Similar to week 1 you will find a 5 minute devotional to encourage you in building the spiritual habits you can take into your day PLUS a daily ACTION CHALLENGE to put it into practice in your workplace or wherever your day takes you. Be sure to share or encourage the group in the comment section! Each day, Monday through Friday, join the team for one of the two ZOOM CALL CHECK IN’s. This will be a (30-45 minute) gathering where we will give everyone a chance to debrief and share what happened as a result of this daily practice. We will also have a time of prayer as we prepare for each day as we anticipate God’s movement in our day. Morning Zoom Call: 6am Evening Zoom Call: 8pm

  • AUGUST 20TH- CELEBRATORY CINCINNATI THEMED DINNER PARTY- IN PERSON GATHERING AT THE COLERAIN CAMPUS- 5:30pm You and a guest are invited to join us for a Cincinnati Themed dinner at the WOCC Colerain Campus for an evening of celebration. This will be a time of fellowship together with an opportunity to debrief, share and celebrate all that God has done through this experience. There will also be opportunity to record and share your stories

Still on the fence and want to learn more? Join us for an online informational meeting with the founder, Mike Henry on TUESDAY, JULY 25th @ 8pm


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