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November 18, 2022

I love to watch God move and work. I’ve seen or heard about him doing that at White Oak for nearly two centuries. A couple months ago our entire White Oak family was invited to experience Vision Night here at White Oak. As part of that event, we got the unique experience to walk through the history of White Oak Christian Church displayed for us in a timeline. It was moving to see how God is so faithful and how his Church has responded through the years to his faithfulness with obedience and trust.

I look forward to seeing God continue to move in and through us. Our primary goal with the Shaken initiative is 100% engagement of our church family in taking deeper steps of trust in God. We’ve already seen God doing things in us!

  • 1000 Shaken guides have been distributed.

  • 400 adults participating in life groups.

  • More than 400 people participated in our Advance Commitment Night.

  • 100 students were present last week for the Student Shaken Commitment Sunday (one was baptized)!

Here’s a story from our Kid’s Shaken Commitment Sunday last weekend:

We gave kids “money savers” the first day we launched Shaken. A 3rd grader brought hers in last Sunday. She had worked to clean out her family members’ cars and was able to keep the money she found. She filled her money saver AND a large Ziploc bag. Over 3lbs of coins!! She is learning to make giving to Jesus a priority in her life!

God is moving to change lives here at White Oak! This coming Sunday, November 20, our church family will move together for our Shaken Commitment Sunday. Our secondary goal for Shaken is asking God to move powerfully through us as it relates to our generosity. We are anticipating him to move through us boldly just as he did in and through the believers in Acts 4.

Remember, Shaken is a one-fund initiative. This means that every dollar committed and given at White Oak in these next two years goes to fuel the three Bold Moves of Shaken. On November 20, I’m inviting our entire White Oak family to come, worship, pray over and fill out a commitment card, and witness a movement of God here at White Oak.

Please take a few minutes to check out this important video which helps to explain the Shaken commitment.

We are excited in this season, as well, to announce four new elders joining our elder team in 2023. Last weekend our White Oak family affirmed Joe Easton, Fred Mabry, Tom Flischel, and Steve Graham. Fred and Tom are returning to the team after a sabbatical and Joe and Steve are joining for the first time. Thank you for supporting these men and praying for them and their families as they serve in leading and caring for our church in the coming year.

God has always been moving at White Oak. My prayer is that you and I are asking him to move in and through us just as powerfully in this next season of ministry.

Being shaken,


Nathan Hinkle

Lead Pastor

White Oak Christian Church


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