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Payton's Story

It's May and students are wrapping up one chapter of their lives and about to embark on the next. Take a look at Payton's story, a recent Ross high school graduate.

At White Oak, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the full life Jesus promised. By discovering their identity in Jesus, growing in love, and embarking on a mission that makes a difference. Today, we are thrilled to share a video featuring Payton, a recent high school graduate from our church. Payton's story reminds us to say yes to Jesus and overcome the distractions that hinder our spiritual growth.

Courage comes in various forms - it can be like David facing Goliath, or it can be as simple as humbly surrendering our pride and embracing Jesus' teachings. Payton's journey exemplifies this courage as she navigated the temptations and pressures that came their way, choosing to prioritize her faith above all else.

Are we truly saying yes to Jesus, even when it requires courage and sacrifice? Are we ready to let go of our pride and trust in God's provision? Payton's story serves as a reminder that a life fully devoted to Jesus is one that brings true joy, purpose, and unshakeable faith. Just as Payton is embracing her calling, we too are encouraged to embrace the path that leads to a full and abundant life, equipped with love and deployed on a mission that impacts the world.


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