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September 15, 2023

I recently shared with the White Oak staff about a podcast I had listened to on leadership by Craig Groeschel called Four Factors That Fuel Momentum. The podcast is intended for pastors and leaders of every kind to better themselves and the ways in which they lead their respective churches or organizations.

Groeschel defines momentum like this: Momentum is the force that propels the organization forward; that makes things work better. Momentum is greater than the sum of all leadership, strategy, and resources combined. It is the collective energy and alignment of critical factors.

If you’re not a pastor or if your job doesn’t place you in a higher up leadership role, you might already feel your eyes struggling to stay open. I get it. Hang in there. As I was listening to the podcast not too long ago, it got me thinking about what other areas in my life need momentum in them. What about my marriage? Does my parenting have a driving force that is making things better for me and my kids? What about my friendships? Does my relationship with Jesus have momentum? You see, this is applicable to each of us.

So, in what area of your life do you need to see more momentum?

In his podcast, Groeschel shares some of his ideas as to what typically kills momentum. We could probably name a few things ourselves and the attitudes that support them.

  • What’s known: This is what we’ve always done.

  • What’s safe: If I do it this way it doesn’t rock the boat.

  • What’s easy: If we keep things the way they are we won’t have to do extra work.

  • What’s comfortable: I don’t want to risk trying something new. It’s too hard.

These are momentum killers. They will stall out your marriage, leave your kids needing more, starve you of meaningful and fulfilling relationships, and block you from experiencing a fuller life with Jesus. Here is what the podcast shares as factors that fuel momentum.

Momentum is always…

Ignited By Vision: You inspire action with an unwavering white-hot vision to fulfill your mission. What is your driving vision for your marriage? Where is it that you’d like your marriage to be in a year? Be clear, consistent, and compelling about where you want to go. Share with your spouse the why behind the what that you’re working to accomplish,

Activated By Faith: You lead with a big-thinking, risk-taking faith. If you want to re-shape your parenting or other relationships, you must seek the things God wants above your own plans. This will take spiritual formation (prayer, fasting, Scripture reading, etc.) and accountability. Where is your heart becoming more connected to Jesus’s?

Supported By Systems: You create intentional systems that support, sustain, and propel your mission forward.Who does what, when, and how? You do this to bring about specific results.You have systems by intent and default. This is what you expect and what you allow. If deepening your relationship with Jesus is your desire, what do you need to put in place in your life to push the mission forward?

Finally, momentum is always Sustained By Grit: You are compelled by a white-hot vision that is so intense it produces a grit in you that never quits. Resilience is the quality in a person that will thrive in pursuit of your mission. Grit means you don’t bounce back, you bounce forward. Mindset matters. You set the tone. You don’t give up when setbacks occur. Ask for help. Trust God. Pursue the mission.

In what area of your life has momentum waned? Maybe you’ve lost a vision for where you want to be. Perhaps you’ve neglected to ask God what kind of parent, spouse, friend, employee, or man or woman he wants you to be. This fall is a great season to re-set. Search Scripture. Pray. Ask God for a renewed vision for your faith and life. And then… go for it.

Praying for momentum for you,


Nathan Hinkle

Lead Pastor

White Oak Christian Church


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