In God’s Word he lays out the ancient paths for his people to follow as he leads us down the path for full life. These have been the age-old steps along the path since God first established his relationship with the human race. As followers of Jesus who have been called to walk the path of faith, we are given non-negotiable steps, established by our Heavenly Father, for us to take on our journey. As sinful people, we have the freedom to choose a path which doesn’t come from God. Our obedience to these steps along the path he’s provided are critical to our experiencing soul-rest and the full life he promises those who trust him. He hasn’t asked us to do this alone. In fact, he insists that we don’t. He gives us community with others and with his Spirit to ensure that we move down the path together.

The Path We Journey

The Path of Trust

The Path of Repentance

The Path of Mission