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God is sovereign.

His vantage point is higher and fuller and better than any we can imagine or expect. Jesus is the reason we can trust God above ourselves. The promises about Jesus are as true now as they were then. Every Jew in Jesus’s day expected a Messiah. Fifteen hundred years before the birth of Christ, the Old Testament begins to draw a portrait of a Messiah.

Moses along with other prophets who wrote later each add to this sketch of a coming Savior. What does this Messiah look like? Does he look like the Jesus we know in the New Testament? Today, we can be certain that our expectations of a Savior (and more than our expectations) are met in the person of Jesus.

They said he’d be a King… and He is

They said He’d Rule in Justice and Righteousness…and He does

They said He’d Be a Healer to the Broken… and He is

They said He’d Be Despised and Rejected…and He Was

They said He’d Be Lowly…and He Was

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