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Jesus’s resurrection is significant: Since Jesus rose from the dead, you’re set free from the chains of do-better religion. Since Jesus rose from the dead, you don’t just feel hopeful, but your life begins to show the hope living inside you. Since Jesus rose from the dead, you don’t just believe something, but you believe in someone… Someone who can only be assigned as your God and King! Jesus releases you to experience His Lordship in your life in the power of grace, forgiveness, and a refreshed life! That can cause a ground-shaking movement!

Often we hear the word “shaken” and we hear it in a negative sense. But the Holy Spirit wants to redefine it. God is shaking us up for some bold next steps!

We trust… He moves… We respond. This is the activity of God through His people and His Church in the book of Acts.

Shaken to Trust

Shaken to Freedom

Shaken to Stewardship

Shaken to Boldness

Shaken to Generosity

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