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There is power in words. Words convey ideas from one mind to another, they carry thoughts and emotions and vision from heart to heart.
The greatest idea in the history of human civilization is the gospel of Jesus, which began as a word in the mouth of one man and has since traveled across two thousand years of history and every border on the planet and changed the course of the human story. And many times, these words were conveyed in the form of stories called parables.
When Jesus told parables, he did so to convey a truth. A truth about how we treat each other, how we advance the kingdom, and how we love and care for one another in this world. We want to look at a few of these stories to see how Jesus is prompting us to shake up our lives and work to advance the Kingdom in our world.

The Good Samaritan

The Great Banquet

The Workers in the Vineyard

The Sheep and Goats

The Parables of the Kingdom

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