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Immerse yourself in the Psalms. This sermon series explores the soul-stirring prayers and songs of Scripture. The Psalms are designed to be prayed, recited, and sung, inviting us into a deeper devotion and transforming our relationship with God. Reflecting the full range of human emotions and experiences, these sacred texts reveal God's true character and unwavering faithfulness.

As we uncover how the Psalms pointed to Jesus and continue to guide us today, you'll gain divine insight for navigating life's spiritual, social, and emotional challenges. Join us and let the Psalms refresh your spirit daily, drawing you closer to God through every season of life.

Psalm 46: Refuge and Strength

Psalm 23: The Good Shepherd

Psalm 103: Heart of the Father

Psalm 8: The Majesty of God

Psalm 40: Jesus is the Way

Psalm 132: The Promised King

Psalm 118: The Cornerstone

Psalm 139: Known By God

Psalm 110: Jesus Rulez

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