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New Series: Me, Myself & I

Our biggest need in life is to determine who we really are.

What is identity?

To know who you are,

To know that you have value,

To know what you’re here to do.

Identity is established out of love. God reminds Jesus of this at his baptism. It is not established out of morality or personal desire. If it’s only morality (what is right and what is wrong) or self-interest (what I feel or want defines me) then you will not experience love or be loving. The very first sin in Genesis 3 is the sin of mistaken identity and it has been an allusive chase for us ever since. Jesus answers the question about who we really are by describing the endless love of our Heavenly Father and our to him as sons and daughters.

When we take on this identity, we can trust God to guide us anywhere and to love us unconditionally.


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