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SEEKING | Tuning into the Heart of our Heavenly Father Resources

All around us music, messages, data, information, are in the spaces around us and we don't see or hear them until we're connected, to the right network, dialed into the right frequency.

In this series we will look at practices; inward, outward and corporate; that draw us closer to God so that we might know the heart of our Heavenly Father better. Jesus taught in Matthew 5:6 that,"... those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Join us each week, participate in the service and these spiritual practices. We want to develop a deep desire to know God more intimately through these intentional practices.


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Stewardship Update

June 16, 2024 Attendance: Colerain: 433 Ross: 533 Online: 166 SHAKEN Giving as of 6/16/24: Last Week: $37,149 Year-to-date: $1,300,562 Since Dec. 2022: $4,451,625


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