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Women's Ministry: January Newsletter

In winter, trees and bushes lose their foliage, leaving us with a more unobstructed view of our surroundings. We notice things we cannot see when Nature is in full bloom. We might observe unsightly junk heaps or treasures we did not know existed. So too it is with our lives. God uses seasons of winter to expose unappealing character flaws needing work, or sometimes he reveals hidden talents/abilities of which we were unaware. Times we deem as “wilderness” or “wastelands” may be pathways God is using to bring us to new places. Trust in His character Dear one, take His hand, embrace the adventure, and walk the road he has laid before you. It will always lead to something good in the end. Remember, winter doesn’t last forever - Spring eventually comes.

Remember, winter doesn’t last forever - Spring eventually comes.

WOCC Women’s Ministry is also going through a season of change. After several years of serving on the leadership team, Beth Mueller has decided to step down to walk other paths on which God is leading her. We thank her for her dedicated service to the women of White Oak and wish her the very best on her new endeavors.

All of us on the WM team are excited to see where God will lead our women in 2024. And we hope you will join us for the adventure!

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