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2021 Q3 Update

Kim met Jesus and was baptized a few years ago at White Oak. Kim serves by helping others as they make decisions to be washed in baptism. When she talks about her journey, her desire to serve, and her convictions to be generous… she always says she wants to help people connect to full life in Jesus just as others helped her find life in Him. I want to thank you for your generosity. Because of your giving, White Oak has been able to touch the lives of hundreds of families with the hope in Jesus. When things got hard in 2020, White Oak ministry partners stepped up. Because of your increased trust in God, we met our projected budget need. Thank you! As a result, over the past 18 months…

  • God led us to enhance our online presence and update technology so that we could use new tools to reach new groups of people with the Gospel.

  • Some saw what God was doing and gave gifts allowing us to update portions of our building at Colerain to refresh our in-person experiences and to better serve our guests.

  • 51 people made the decision to surrender to baptism and find life in Jesus!

  • We have 410 adults actively engaged in discipleship in groups.

  • 198 people recommitted or committed to a serve team for the first time!

God is moving through White Oak Christian Church! Because we value authenticity, I want to share with you a bit more. Through the second half of 2021 we have seen lower weekly offerings. As of the end of September, we are $172,778 behind in our weekly budgeted need. At this same time…

  • We have tightened down spending in our ministry to home in on the things that make the most impact. We’ve said “no” to some good things so that we can focus on what’s better.

  • We have re-organized our staff to meet our current and near-future needs. We have new staff supporting our pastoral teams. Changes have allowed us to double down on focused areas to make stronger impact with our communications and student ministry teams, for example. We’ve done this without increasing our administrative budget!

In September we opened our new Ross Twp. building! We have seen hundreds of new faces pour onto our property. Our first Discover White Oak class saw 48 people attend at both campuses many of whom are eager to connect in ministry and be baptized! Thank you for your generosity which has made this possible. As a result of your giving for more than two years, we were able to pay approximately $660,000 in cash toward this building. In 2019, we moved forward taking on $4.5 million in debt to pay for the rest of the project. We are now beginning the process of paying that debt back. This means that beginning in 2022 our budgeted weekly need will increase.

God is faithful. I believe he has called us to a new season of trust for ministry impact. I believe he will do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine! The only form of giving we see in the New Testament is God asking his people to give generously trusting him to do his work through his Church. I thank you for your faithfulness. I am asking you to continue to be faithful in your giving. May we be a generous church who gives because we have been changed by Jesus. Just like Kim. Just like me and you.

If you have any questions about your gifts, please contact our office at 385-0425 or email us at Thank you for partnering with White Oak Christian Church!

Growing in trust with you,

Nathan Hinkle, Lead Pastor

White Oak Christian Church


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