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Meet Jane from the Digital Experience Team

At White Oak Christian Church, we are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who use their talents and gifts to serve our community. One of those volunteers is Jane Doerman, who is a part of the Digital Experience team. Jane is a wife to Brian and a mother of three interesting and fun kids, Lewis, Patrick, and Eva.

Jane's love for serving the church comes from a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passion for using her gifts to serve others is evident in the various roles she has played at White Oak. Jane is a member of the teaching team, having shared messages at both our Ross and Colerain campuses. She has also played an important role in organizing conferences for our women's ministry in the past.

In addition to her work in teaching and women's ministry, Jane also serves on and off the camera as one of our hosts and a video editor. She has created many of the videos and reels that we use on social media to spread God's message. Over the past couple of years, Jane has been re-engaging with her skills learned while studying media at Asbury University and using them to serve the Kingdom and White Oak Christian Church.

Jane's commitment to serving the community also extends beyond her work at White Oak. She recently felt led to start a prayer group called the "Upper Zoom" during this Easter season. This group is open to anyone who wishes to gather with others to pray and meditate on Scripture. It's an excellent opportunity to connect with our Heavenly father and grow spiritually. If you would like to Join the "Upper Zoom" click here to email Jane to get the details.

We are grateful for Jane's dedication to serving others and for her family's support. If you have technical, digital, or creative gifts and are looking to use them to serve others and grow in your faith, we encourage you to join the team. Perhaps you just have an interest in these areas and would like to learn more and receive some training, please contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.


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