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SHAKEN: Bold Hope with Young Life

White Oak has a vision of rethinking how we can use the space God has blessed us with to make Kingdom impact. We are investigating renovations and updates that will make our space more usable, while also looking to form relationships with new community partners. While all that is going on, White Oak’s Colerain campus is already being utilized by groups to do work that bring people to Full Life in Jesus. One group that uses our space on a regular basis is Young Life. Here is what Johnathan Smith who is a part of the Cincinnati Young Life leadership team said about how our partnership is helping their ministry.

Young Life is a vibrant ministry aimed at guiding adolescents towards God's love and grace, fostering genuine relationships, engaging activities, and meaningful discussions. Volunteer leaders form the cornerstone of Young Life's mission, investing time and effort in building connections. These leaders find a home at White Oak's Colerain campus, which graciously hosts their meetings. This partnership profoundly impacts the ministry, providing an environment that encourages growth, collaboration, and community outreach.

The collaboration offers a consistent meeting space for volunteer leaders, solidifying commitments amidst busy schedules. White Oak's Colerain campus provides a welcoming backdrop that aligns with Young Life's warmth and hospitality, facilitating productive discussions. This partnership also signifies a commitment to community impact, linking the ministry with a trusted institution while emphasizing engagement within the broader community.

The partnership underscores the transformative influence of collaboration and shared vision. White Oak's Colerain campus has become a vital hub for Young Life's leadership team, fostering growth and connection in their pursuit of reaching young people with Jesus's love. The support from the campus bolsters the ministry's impact and aids in shaping young lives. The ongoing partnership is poised to be a source of hope, transformation, and grace for youth within and beyond the community.

While we are excited about what the future holds for the Colerain campus, we are also extremely thankful for the current ministry that is happening in our building and in our community. Personally, I am proud that Young Life is using our campus. Young Life is reaching and discipling students in Colerain and beyond. We have a shared goal of seeing students find Full-Life in Jesus. White Oak will continue to leverage everything God has given us to impact the world around us.

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