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Shaken Update

White Oak, I'm so excited to share the amazing progress we've made thanks to your generous hearts in our Shaken Journey. These accomplishments are a testament to the faithfulness and dedication of each and every one of you. Through your giving, you have propelled our primary goal forward, which is to have 100% engagement in following Jesus and growing in generosity.

Just like the early church in Acts, we're praying for God to shake things up, inspire us and take us deeper in trust. Your generosity has helped us continue to fuel ministry impact through our Bold moves during Shaken

Your generosity has also helped us make serious progress, and I do mean serious progress on our Bold Stewardship. We've been able to pay down our loan on our Ross Campus building, saving over half a million dollars in interest. How amazing is that? Not only have we’ve done that but because of the growth we’re seeing we’ve added a third service at our Ross campus to make room for more to hear and experience the Full Life Jesus offers.

And church, I'm so excited to tell you about our Bold Hope initiative. We have a vision for our Colerain Township Campus building. We want to reimagine our property in Colerain for even greater ministry impact by partnering with likeminded ministry partners to utilize our property. We'll be able to repurpose it as a ministry hub for our community, and continue to spread God's love and good news. We currently have teams working on this initiative and we look forward to bringing you updates very soon. White Oak I’m excited about all that God has been doing in and through you!

In the first 4 months we’ve seen 23 people baptized into new life. We’ve seen over 1 million dollars given to shaken and this summer we have several teams being deployed on mission trips! Your faithful generosity is fueling ministry impact here at White Oak, in our communities and around the world.

We want to say thank you. Be encouraged!

If you'd like to give toward Shaken or learn more, click give at the top of the page or visit

During this season, every dollar that is given to White Oak is a part of Shaken and is used to fuel ministry. If you’re newer to White Oak, I invite you to join un on this Shaken journey where we’re asking God to do the bold things in and through us. We want to see our city’s spiritual landscape changed... more hope, more disciples of Jesus, more impact in neighborhoods around us as more people come to full life in Jesus because we were asking God to do just that.

We are asking and trusting him to move in us through bold acts of generosity and trust. I’m so grateful for your partnership and for the incredible example you’re setting for our community. There is more God wants to do in and through us. Let’s keep asking and trusting God to shake us with his power.


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